Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Telemedicine

Telemedicine is facing acceptance issues due to misguided advice. To find out more about telemedicine advises that you must not fall prey to, read on.
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Even before exploring the services, most people would have got at least one worst advice about telemedicine.

Telemedicine has seen a shift in usage in India in the past couple of months. The risk of contracting COVID-19, challenges of lockdown & curfews, reduced travel time & wait times, and availability of telemedicine in rural areas and for vulnerable patients have all resulted in this shift. Telemedicine is undoubtedly promising to grow in the coming months.

Although we see clear benefits to both physicians and patients, telemedicine is still facing acceptance issues among new users due to wrongly directed advice. Here are some of the common worst advice you could ever get about telemedicine.

For Patients

Efficacy of Care

The attention you get with an in-person visit is undeniably the best; however, not the most recommended one during these times.

Advice: You may have come across friends saying that telemedicine is affordable, but it may not be as effective as an in-person visit. In most cases, misdiagnosis through a video or audio consultation scares people only because of the attention span.

Reality: If we follow the guidelines about punctuality, discipline, and preparation for the consultation, then the benefits of telemedicine outweigh the perception of naysayers. For detailed information, refer to our blog on Benefit the Most From Your Telemedicine Consultation.

Quality of Care

Advice: Patients believe that care continuity suffers due to the scattered healthcare system and allocation of random physicians as a result of the unavailability of their primary care physician each time.

Reality: The belief in keeping quality of care and the power of accessibility positions telemedicine as a triaging tool. Telemedicine can then expand to chronic care management, pain management, and regular follow-ups. The solutions built will enable the physician to access the patient’s previous visit summaries and histories. Providers, in turn, are also very particular and make sure that they have access to their patient’s latest diagnosis and summaries.

For Providers

Patient-Provider Connection

Advice: Some of the physicians who have never used telemedicine advise the onboarding physicians that they cannot connect with their patients over video consultation.

Reality: The connection established with patients are just like your regular WhatsApp or video call, but a compliant one. With COVID-19 moving every company into Digital 2.0 and everyone on the planet now accepting technology for communications, virtual visits are common and soon will be the new normal.

Time Invested in Setup

Advice: Some physicians receive unsolicited advice about wasting time in initiating the setup of telemedicine.

Reality: Onboarded physicians initially will undergo a learning phase as do their patients. After completion of the learning phase, it is easy for physicians to quickly review previous lab results, wellness exams, medication refills, and previous visit summaries. Both video and audio consultations will fare well for users as well. Vendors like us, MyTeleOPD, post demo videos, in-app tutorials to help first-time users in preparing quickly to use telemedicine services.

As one of the physicians said, “The platforms are getting easier to use. I had a successful consultation with an old patient because the patient had to only click on a link that was texted to them. It definitely is an easy way of using telemedicine, both for physicians and patients. People are calling from wherever their natives are in the comfort of their homes. Functionally, telemedicine has proven its utility and benefit.”

For Hospital Administrators

Advice: Compliance, medico-legal issues, and infrastructure are complex and cannot be plug and play. It’s too much to do for too little.

Reality: The best of the vendors out there are already spearheading discussions with lawyers, IT security experts, and infrastructure providers to bring in a plug & play solution like MyTeleOPD. Awareness, once built, will largely benefit hospitals to keep their patients consulting despite lockdowns and restrictions.

Did You Know?

According to a study, the use of telemedicine services has reduced 38% of admissions. This percentage proves that telemedicine is an active and effective means of providing care. Providers at the same time are accountable, too, as there are laws in place introduced by the Government to regulate accountability.

MyTeleOPD answers all queries for their users, be it, providers or patients. Rest assured, you will receive the best advice about the services. Contact us and start using our solution to experience the benefits from the comfort of your home.

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