Benefit the Most From Your Telemedicine Consultation

When consulting over telemedicine, be it video or audio, getting the most out of your consultation is easy if you follow these simple steps.
Getting the Most out of Telemedicine using MyTeleOPD

When you call the hospital reception to book an appointment with your doctor, do not be surprised if they ask your preference for an audio or video consultation. All in-person Out-Patient Department (OPD) visits will be available only for emergency cases. When consulting over telemedicine, be it video or audio, getting the most out of your consultation is easy if you follow these simple steps.

Here are 6 pointers for patients to follow while using telemedicine to make the experience meaningful for your healing.

Make Notes of Your Symptoms

Keep track of your symptoms by first noting down the start date of the symptoms. You must also make notes about any changes in routine after the symptoms started, any noticeable patterns like the food you consumed, or any routine activities performed on the day it all started. Making a note of how long you’ve had the symptoms is also important.

Take Pictures & Share Electronically

If the symptoms are physically evident from the moment they started, keep documenting them in the form of pictures. You can then share the images with your physician before your scheduled consultation. This practice will help the physician to analyze your condition better.

Talk to the Point

Keep in mind that your consultation will last for 10-15 minutes based on your condition and diagnosis. During this time frame, focus your conversation on the reason for your appointment. Do not get distracted!

Use Devices to Measure Your Levels

If your physician has suggested you to use clinical equipment to measure specific readings, such as sugar levels, pulse, blood pressure, weight, or SPO2, then make sure you use it. You must also maintain a diary to note your daily/periodic readings.

Documentation From the Physician

Make a prior note if you need to refill the prescription or any medical documents from the physician like a medical certificate to produce to the employer or insurance company. If you need any documentation in a specific format, then keep the template ready. You can then send it to your doctor, who can give you an electronic copy after consultation.

Telemedicine Consultation Feedback

Make sure to give your feedback immediately after your telemedicine consultation. This practice will help the provider, vendor, and patient to improve their respective shortcomings and move ahead towards success.

Government of India’s Small Success Story During These Difficult Times

The Government of India has started eSanjeevaniOPD for its citizens. According to a study, there are 80% new users of telemedicine services; and 67% of the new users are satisfied with the use of telemedicine. This percentage will increase with the lockdown coming into effect as a result of the community spread of COVID-19. Read more about eSanjeevaniOPD by clicking the link Statistics show that Kerala is at the top in the utilization of telemedicine services, followed very closely by Tamil Nadu. The telemedicine services came into effect on May 1, 2020, across all states in India.

If your favorite doctor/family physician does not practice telemedicine, you can leave his contact details with us. Click here to access the MyTeleOPD Contact Us Link. We will onboard and train your doctor in using telemedicine so that your doctor gets the most out of the consultation too. You can also share our videos on how to use telemedicine.

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